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Leading Carpet Suppliers for London and Oxfordshire

As the Buckinghamshire, London and Oxfordshire areas’ go-to carpet suppliers, we stock a massive range of carpets and carpet tiles from leading manufacturers including Axminster, JHS and Interface.


Here we’ve run through the different styles of carpet there are, each of which is suited to a different purpose.


A Carpet for Every Space

TWIST – Our carpet suppliers stock a range of twist carpets, which are made from tightly twisted yarn set into a pile. They have a slightly textured, springy feel and deal with foot traffic well, being a durable form of carpet. Being low-maintenance and long-lasting, we recommend twist carpets for busy households and office spaces in Buckinghamshire and London.


SAXONY – These carpets are thick, deep and shaggy. They’re warm and feel amazing under bare foot. Saxon carpets are elegant, and our carpet suppliers find they are especially sought after for Buckinghamshire and London clients’ bedrooms.


PATTERNED – Much as their name would suggest, patterned carpets come in all sorts of interesting patterns. From bold parallel lines, to leftfield floral patterns. Our carpet suppliers recommend patterned carpets to London and Buckinghamshire homeowners going for something a little different in their interior design. Match a patterned carpet to the rest of a room and you can create an incredibly striking and unique space.


LOOP PILE – Made from uncut yarn loops, either textured or flat-topped, loop pile carpets are a bit more rough-and-ready than twist or Saxony carpets. They’re useful in Buckinghamshire and London properties regularly bombarded by heavy levels of foot traffic. The most durable of all the aforementioned carpet types, a good loop pile carpet will last a very long time. However, they’re generally perceived to be the least comfortable under bare foot.


If you live or work in or near Buckinghamshire or London and have decided to invest in a new carpet, call SJ Flooring. We aren’t just carpet suppliers, we’re also fast and efficient carpet fitters who will plan installation around your day-to-day life, to minimise any disruption we might otherwise cause.


You can reach our Buckinghamshire and London serving carpet suppliers on 01494 862 311 or 07831 100 947.