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Carpet Suppliers and Vinyl Flooring Specialists in Buckinghamshire

Here at SJ Flooring in Buckinghamshire, we offer a wide range of different wooden floors and vinyl flooring.


We are also well-known as carpet suppliers in and around the area. If you’re thinking about replacing the flooring in your business premises or home, then we would advise considering the advantages and the disadvantages of each type of flooring before you commit to a choice between real oak, Amtico Flooring, or any of the other products that we supply and install…


Hardwood Flooring

Perhaps the biggest drawback of wooden floors is the cost. While the actual price you pay will depend on the type of hardwood you choose, it will still cost more than carpets or vinyl flooring. Wooden floors are also loud to walk on.


In terms of advantages, wooden floors look beautiful and can increase the resale value of your Buckinghamshire home. Hardwood is also reasonably easy to clean and maintain and will usually only require vacuuming. However, real hardwood may need refinishing on an occasional basis in high-traffic areas. Standing water can also ruin wooden floors.


Our experts agree that the best place to put wooden floors is in the living room of your Buckinghamshire home. It will look wonderful and will never go out of style, plus the living room is not subject to the same high-traffic that a foyer or hallway may be.



While changes in fibre technology have given many carpets greater stain-resistance, carpet can still get stained relatively easily; especially with children around. In addition, carpet can often contain hidden dirt, even when vacuumed frequently. Carpet also needs steam-cleaning occasionally to keep it fresh. Unless cleaned thoroughly, carpet can cause issues for some Buckinghamshire residents who may be suffering with allergies.


The cost of carpet can vary greatly depending on the quality. Yet here at SJ Flooring in Buckinghamshire, we are reputable carpet suppliers who offer high quality products at excellent prices. Carpet not only feels soft, but it also gives a soft feel to a room aesthetically. It is quiet to walk on, as well as quick and simple to install; it can even be placed over subfloors.


Vinyl Flooring

The general consensus is that wood effect vinyl flooring does not look as good as the real thing. Vinyl tears and dents easily. Yet vinyl flooring does offer many advantages. Like carpet, vinyl is quiet and easy on your feet. It is also much less expensive than wooden floors or carpet.


Amtico flooring offers a wide range of highly realistic wood effect vinyl flooring – some of the best we’ve seen. Amtico flooring products are made from 40% recycled content, which makes them more eco-friendly than many competing options.


For help choosing wooden floors, carpets, or vinyl flooring for your home, call our Buckinghamshire based carpet suppliers on 01494 862 311 or 07831 100 947!